Mechanical engineering

Are you looking for a technical design office? With our 21 years of experience we can doubtlessly help you. We support you with the design and the execution of machine-and boiler construction. Thanks to our professional printers and copiers you can get plans on a big scale.



you want a new machine but you have no idea of the cost price? You know what the cost price is, but you want it for a lower price? HTC-Enterprise calculates it for you.

Industrial installations

What machine do you need to process your raw materials into an end product? We will design the ideal installation for you. Do you want to optimise your existing installation? We provide the best solution.


HTC-Enterprise wishes a liveable planet for everyone, that’s why we invest in being environmentally friendly. Do you work with waste products, and you want to make your company more ecological? Ask for our help and we will help you to develop environmentally friendly applications. Our inventive approach will make your company ‘greener’.


Strength calculations

HTC-Enterprise calculates manually how much your work surface will bend, when you put a heavy machine on it. Afterwards, the manual calculation will be checked by a computer program. Thanks to this combination of modern software and common sense, we can give you a reliable advice.

Technical files

At the moment that we deliver a machine we hand you over the evidence of CE-verification. We also give you a machine file that includes a user manual and a description of the machine. That way we can guarantee the proper functioning and safety of our product. We also provide you with a technical file when you have ordered machine parts. Also when we do adjustments, you’ll get the required documents.

Design office:

For the 3D-design of your machine or boiler we use two CAD computer platforms. When a project requires a software we don’t have, we hire a temporary license. That way we can work with the best program for your project. HTC-Enterprise also works with CAM-software (computer aided manufacturing).

Technisch en inventief

Technical and inventive

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Over bedrijf

  •  Machines en machineonderdelen op maat
  •  Aanpassingen aan bestaande machines en onderdelen
  •  Technisch bureau
  •  Printen op groot formaat

About the company

  •  Custom made machines and machine parts
  •  Adjustments of machines or machine parts
  •  Technical design office
  •  Printing on a big scale