Machine parts

Turning in metal, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, bronze, cast iron:

   - flanges

   - shafts

   - shaft with keyway


    - drive shaft


    - drive roller


    - conveyor


    - pen

   - bushings


   - spacer

   - machine parts


   - grommets


             - collared ring


   -v-belt pulley


   - sprocket


   - fairlead


   - track roller


   - pinchroller


   - Cam follower


Milling in metal, stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, bronze, cast iron:

   - lid

   - base plate


  - block with gaps/ holes


  - machine part


   - keyway

   - beam


  - cover plate


  - protection plate


- custom made machine parts

Diverse machine parts:

u-plate, base plate, corner plate, shielding plate, support plate motor, plate wheel, conducting plate, plate, drive roller, return roller, roller conveyor, roller, conveyor, pressing roller, flange machined with bus, bushings, clamping sleeves, threaded bushing, spacer sleeve, flange bushing, brake pad, nut for brake, pulley, drive shaft, shaft end, stub, drum shaft , spacers, test pieces, conical pieces, special bolts, intermediate shaft, weight block, sensor block, sprocket, gear wheel, bearing wheel, burned bearing wheel, tooth wheel, spacer plate/ring , u-profile, i-profile, joist, guide beam, rod, beam, cable hook, motor gear, gearbox, spray nozzle, nozzle, mixing nozzle, machine feet, railing, toothed pulleys, protective sheath, protective cover, toolholder, magnet support, armrest, support pulley, support, engine support, gaskets/seals, grommet, rod, clamps, nut splitter , dies , locking pin, pin, pen, blind flanges, holder, toothed racks, lay-out ground plan , palletizing, liquid container, cover, ... .

Technisch en inventief

Technical and inventive

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Over bedrijf

  •  Machines en machineonderdelen op maat
  •  Aanpassingen aan bestaande machines en onderdelen
  •  Technisch bureau
  •  Printen op groot formaat

About the company

  •  Custom made machines and machine parts
  •  Adjustments of machines or machine parts
  •  Technical design office
  •  Printing on a big scale