Mechanical workshop

Made machine parts are often too complex for traditional CNC-machines. Besides they are expensive when you make them in small series. That’s why a lot of companies don’t start such projects. Even though the industry, a complicated business, often needs customized work.

We saw a gap in the market and specialised ourselves in customized work. Nowadays we have quite some experience in producing piecework and small series. We use different materials like inox, steel, aluminium and plastic.

Also individuals are welcome!




•Machine parts





•Base plates

•Machine parts



•Several kinds of welding constructie

Machine building

Over the years, HTC-Enterprise delivered machine parts to almost every kind of industry: food industry, textile industry but also producers of plastic film, animal feed and so on. Join this list and let us make your unique parts.

Boiler construction

HTC-Enterprise has in particular experience in boiler construction. We design and draw big boilers. For the execution we work together with another Belgian company. Small boilers will be designed and produced without any corporation of other companies.

You can come to us for:


•Heat exchangers

•Pressure vessels


Also for industrial agitators or screw conveyers, HTC-Enterprise is the place to be. With our lathes and milling machines we make all possible parts with these installations. For all products, liquid or solid, we search for the right agitator or transport system. With the study and the design we take everything into account, the size of the tank, stirring rate, diameter of the screw, capacity of the transport, maintenance, cleaning of the installation, … we also do the realisation. We make sure that you have the end result you asked for.

Repair and maintenance

Do your machines or machine parts need maintenance? Bring them to our workplace and we will subject them to a thorough revision. Is there something wrong, then we’ll fix it.

We can also come to you to disassemble the machine and repair it, for example a broken axis.

Technisch en inventief

Technical and inventive

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About the company

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