In 1992 HTC-Enterprise started as a technical design office. Technical drawings on the computer (CAD) were our specialty.

Starting off in 2006 the organisation changed its activities. We started to engage with the building of machines.


In 2008 HTC-Enterprise bought a piece of industrial ground in Waasmunster. Both the office and the workplace were built here.

In 2010, we officially started using the building. The production of custom made parts could start. 

Technisch en inventief

Technical and inventive

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Over bedrijf

  •  Machines en machineonderdelen op maat
  •  Aanpassingen aan bestaande machines en onderdelen
  •  Technisch bureau
  •  Printen op groot formaat

About the company

  •  Custom made machines and machine parts
  •  Adjustments of machines or machine parts
  •  Technical design office
  •  Printing on a big scale