If there is a part of a project that we can’t execute on our own, than we work together with other Belgian companies. Unlike what they say, it’s not more expensive.

Do you need a custom made machine, machine part or a technical drawing, then you’re at the right place!

Are you active in the industry? Do you need machines or machine parts that are not standard? Then you are at the right address! HTC-Enterprise is specialised in making custom made and unique machines or machine parts. We can also adjust them so that they match your needs.

Our extensive machine park allows us to execute different actions, in several materials. The possibilities are: inox, steel, construction steel, aluminium and plastic.

Do you want to know where it all began? Take a look at our history.

We combine an artisanal and inventive approach with quality, flexibility and trust. That’s why you choose us!

Technisch en inventief

Technical and inventive

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Over bedrijf

  •  Machines en machineonderdelen op maat
  •  Aanpassingen aan bestaande machines en onderdelen
  •  Technisch bureau
  •  Printen op groot formaat

About the company

  •  Custom made machines and machine parts
  •  Adjustments of machines or machine parts
  •  Technical design office
  •  Printing on a big scale